Bankruptcy Thesis Statement

Bankruptcy is a term, referring to the inability of the debtors to pay the debts. The debtors may be the corporate entity or a person. However, they will get benefit by filing bankruptcy. There are several legal rules, related to bankruptcy. Without the real interest on the bankruptcy laws, you may not be able to write your thesis. The bankruptcy thesis writing assignment is one of the toughest tasks to the students. Most of these students take time to find out the relevant topics. That is why we have made a list of some bankruptcy-related topics. Based on the chosen topic, you have to write the thesis statement for bankruptcy essay.

Corporate bankruptcy and its prediction in future

You may choose it as one of the interesting topics for your bankruptcy thesis paper. The predictive analysis on the corporate bankruptcy will easily draw the interest of the readers. While writing the thesis statement, you have to inform the readers that your thesis will give a future prediction on the potentials of corporate bankruptcy. It is essential to convince the readers that your predictions will be helpful to the budding business owners.

However, to write this thesis, you have to make a thorough research on the past bankruptcy cases. You need to add information on the liquidity, profitability and solvency ratios. These ratios are the major indicators to do the prediction. You may assess the economic and financial for predicting bankruptcy in a statistical technique. To make the prediction, you have to find out the debt ratio and Net Profit Margin ratio of both non-bankrupted and bankrupted companies.

You can present the statistical data, found out by the financial specialists. This will make your thesis more effective and reliable to the readers. However, for writing bankruptcy thesis statement, you will get very limited space to convey your message.

Bankruptcy and its effect the on the credit

It is a very common topic for the thesis about bankruptcy. However, by adding the interesting and useful information, you may make it unique.

Most of us have a feature that bankruptcy filing could affect our credit score. The bankruptcy details will be present on the credit report for 10 years. It also causes a serious negative effect on the credit score. Based on the type of bankruptcy filed by a person, his score will get reduced by almost 200 points. It also prevents the person to apply for the home loan and any other loan.

You may also write about some tips on the way of managing the credit score. Your research will help the debtors to solve the financial issues in their life.

Most of the debtors feel confusion while they find different credit card offers. You may also talk about this topic to remove the confusion. Although bankruptcy lowers the credit scores, it loses its importance in due course after gaining better credit.

Thus, you can write your thesis statement and develop your thesis by adding the above information.

Bankruptcy- One of the options for financial management

Most of the debtors have chosen bankruptcy filing as one of the tools to manage finance. It is a legitimate step for the business or an individual, who is not able to repay their debts. Bankruptcy also means the credit debt of the debtors. The bankrupted company will take step for the settlement with its creditors. However, while this approach does not work, the company has to file for bankruptcy. The bankrupted firm has to reveal its tax returns, income and different other financial details to show their inability to make payments.

To write the statements about bankruptcy, you have to focus on the above details. Find out the data to prove that bankruptcy filing helps in managing the financial issues. You may also talk about the problems or criticisms, related to the bankruptcy system. You can develop the thesis to measure the validity of those criticisms. However, for all the information, you have to find out the evidences. This will make your bankruptcy thesis highly valuable to the readers.

The bankrupted corporate owners may also undergo financial management course. This course will help them to know about different bankruptcy alternatives. Thus, all these details will enable the readers to keep away from bankruptcy filing to find out a better path.

How bankruptcy is affecting the Americans-

Bankruptcy is common in all the countries. However, you can find it at a higher rate in America. Most of the Americans face the financial overspending issues, and that is why they have a chance of dealing with bankruptcy. You can choose this topic to compose your thesis statement.

The newly graduated students get their first job in life. However, they do not have skills to manage their finance. The absence of any financial training has resulted in the increase of bankruptcy issue. You may find out several other reasons behind the bankruptcy of Americans.

In the American region, you can find several credit card owners. Some Americans have more than one credit cards. As the credit cards help the buyers to get discounts on the costly purchase, the Americans are more interested in it. The credit card debts are increasing among the Americans. These debtors take 20 to 30 years for repaying the debts.

To write the thesis, you can find out the average debt amount of the credit card holders. Your research-based content will attract the readers. You will also secure higher score in the academic paper.

Is it right to hire bankruptcy attorney?

As you are writing a thesis statement for bankruptcy, the issue of attorney is much important. You may include it as one of the subtopics in your thesis. Most of the debtors have a question on the need of hiring the lawyer for their bankruptcy filing lawsuit. Your thesis statement has to persuade them to read the paper to gain knowledge on the bankruptcy lawsuit. Thus, you have to focus on how the bankruptcy attorney will help the debtors in solving their insolvency problem. 8 to 9% of debtors deal with their bankruptcy case without hiring the attorney.

However, by hiring the lawyer, the debtors can increase the chance of success. The attorneys always know what the debtors have to disclose. They will also help in evaluating the assets. They will prepare their clients to be eligible for the discharge. The attorneys are familiar to the actions of the creditors. That is why they are the right legal representatives to have defense from the creditors.

You may add other information that convinces the readers to rely on the lawyers’ assistance. Bankruptcy attorney is one of the parts for your thesis papers.

Bankruptcy filing process- Is it helpful to manage the foreclosure issue?

While talking about bankruptcy, you can easily relate the topic of foreclosure. Lots of Americans cannot repay their mortgage at the right time. Some lenders modify the loan scheme, and others start the process of foreclosure. For this foreclosure process, the creditors repossess the property of the debtors. They sell the property at an auction. They take the proceeds as the repayment for their loan. In this situation, bankruptcy process will be helpful to the debtors.

You can write the thesis on importance of filing bankruptcy for preventing the effects of foreclosure. Thus, in the precise thesis statement also, you have to inform the readers about this topic.

After filing any type of bankruptcy, the law court issues the Order for Relief, and it results in an automatic stay. That is why the creditors stop collecting the payment. It will also cause the postponement of the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure and bankruptcy- both are dreading terms to everyone. However, your informative thesis has to remove the fears from the readers. This will help you in getting success in your thesis writing assignment.

While a property is sold through the foreclosure process, its selling price is much lower than the mortgage amount. In most of the cases, you can find these issues. However, as it is bankruptcy thesis, you have to write the content on both the topics.

Rights of the creditors in bankruptcy case-

You may have found that most of the bankruptcy theses talk about the debtors. However, you can make your thesis paper unique by adding information on the creditors’ rights.

The bankruptcy trustee plays a role to ensure that the claims of creditors have been focused before the debt discharge of the debtors. The creditors have some rights on the liquidation of the assets of debtors. They can challenge the right of the debtors to the discharge. The laws of bankruptcy are in favor of different priority claims, including the secured claims and child support. Secured claims indicate the claims, where the collateral helps in securing the debt amount. The creditor repossesses the property and sell it in case of the failure to payment of the debtors.

In some instances, the trustee communicates with the creditors to talk about the money, paid by the debtors before filing their bankruptcy. There is a bankruptcy law prohibiting any special preference over a particular creditor. The amount paid for the past debt in 3 months before bankruptcy filing is recoverable.

Thus, you can add these details to your thesis papers. Your paper will be valuable to both the groups- creditors and debtors. You may also differentiate your thesis papers from other writers.

Emergency bankruptcy

To write the thesis paper, you may focus on a particular type of bankruptcy. You have to write the content, based on the chosen topic. Emergency bankruptcy, also called as the skeleton bankruptcy, is the streamlined bankruptcy filing process. The debtors may choose this option for preventing the creditors’ debt collection within the shortest time.

Bankruptcy filing helps in issuing the order of automatic stay. This order is imposed on the creditors’ efforts for debt collection. The emergency bankruptcy gives the ultimate protection to the debtors. However, the debtors have to submit the documents for filing this bankruptcy.

You can compose the thesis on how to deal with different bankruptcy to send petition for emergency bankruptcy. Most of the debtors file Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, in case of the emergency bankruptcy, Chapter 11 may be the right choice to them.

Involuntary bankruptcy

This is another relevant topic, on which you can compose the thesis paper. It is true that most of the debtors send their bankruptcy petition for their own choice. However, in few cases, the creditors force the debtors in filing for bankruptcy involuntarily. You can find this bankruptcy for the corporate bodies. The creditors find that it will be profitable to them to undergo the bankruptcy process while the debtor has much amount of assets. While the debtors do not have money or assets for repayment, they get the protection through the order of automatic stay.

The creditors have an option for filing the bankruptcy under Chapter 11 or 7. They have no right over Chapter 12 or 13. While making appeal, the creditors have to prove that they have pursued involuntary bankruptcy for the debtors due to the failure of debtors to make payment. Both the debtors and the creditors have to present their case during their court hearing. The judge can dismiss creditors’ claims while the debtors have presented highly persuasive claims. Hence, the judge will make the decision after hearing the claims of both the parties.

You can add different other details on the involuntary bankruptcy. Make your bankruptcy thesis statement meaningful and more effective.

Thus, we have talked about different topics, related to bankruptcy. You have to choose the topic and write the thesis statement on bankruptcy. However, thesis statement writing is not easy to all the students. You have to write the precise and relevant content and submit it to your instructor. After getting the approval from the instructor, you may continue writing the thesis papers. You must focus on different parts to compose the main body of the thesis paper.