How To Write Introduction for Your Essay

Introductions to Writing Definition Essay

The content or an idea about what to put in the body of an essay is always more straightforward to think about but not the content of the introduction. When you’re told of the assignment to do, the first thing that will cross your mind is how you structure it in a manner that it will communicate your ideas effectively. The structure of an essay is such that it has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Of all the components mentioned, probably the difficult one to write is the introduction. Even with a well-written body and the summary paragraphs, the essay cannot be complete without the introduction part. In other words, the intro plays an important role and not just being part of the entire article.

A good essay just like a bus ferrying passengers must travel from one spot to the next. Such a movement implies that the bus connects various locations until when the journey is complete. Introduction essays similarly bridge the topic with the body paragraph. The driver in the case of the traveling bus is the writer who must ferry his passengers who are in this case, the readers from their plane of thinking to that to the essay. The uniqueness of an introduction and the new life it injects into the reader’s mind is paramount in leaving a lasting mark and for awarding your work if it is part of the academic requirement.

Through the provision of introductions, writers aid their readers to cross over to the subject of discussions and the points informing the debate by a smooth transition. You are providing essential equipment that will allow the readers to navigate through your content in addition to appreciating the arguments you are discussing in the paper. How then do you take the readers back to the first plane? This question gets answered by ensuring that as you write the introduction essay, your primary task is to give proof and evidence in the subsequent parts to the conclusion. The major reiterations in the summary part will bridge the gaps and reinstate the readers to their lives ones more.

Reasons for Writing the Introduction Essay

The importance of learning how to write introduction for your essay transcends necessary writing abilities. When creating an article, the writer has typically a single opportunity to impress. Readers do not have the patience to accord the writer another chance to leave a mark. Also, once an item is finally complete, it is as well as dispensed with. So, the best a writer can do is to ensure that their arguments, their style of writing, and quality of the work they do leave no room for second-guessing. Definition essays are, and for that reason, the writer must take his or her time to fill it with interesting facts for the audience to appreciate it.

Leave no loose strings untied by providing an introduction vaguely; full of mistakes, dull and lacking good organization. As you plan to write the introduction essay, impressing the readers should be one of your primary concerns. So then, you need to make your introduction as brief as possible, write it well and ensure that it engages your audiences, and lastly; make it enjoyable.

Another reason why you need to write a stronger introduction is that it serves as a guide or a map to your readers who apply it as they try to establish the arguments you are bringing forth with regards to the topic. Introduction essays communicate the thoughts of the writer to the audience by explaining to them more about the subject of discussion, its relevance, and the plans for advancing the subject matter.

As a student, it is essential to note that you will be required to write not only the assignments but essays. The introduction essay, as part of your writings, will, therefore, have thesis statements to emphasize the claims you are advancing. Thesis statement for a definition essay must provide evidence that the writer will be taking a position. Once the readers finish with the first part, there should never be further surprises in the subsequent sections of the essay other than the provision of evidence and proofs in support of the thesis statement for a definition essay.

Principally, the content of the introduction essay serves the purpose of making the readers eager to read the entire document, and for this reason, it must hinge on some interesting facts and figures where necessary. Starting the essay with rhetoric questions, shocking statistics, providing examples that are clear and understandable, giving interesting stories among others will undoubtedly invite readers to the article. If the introduction essay is interesting enough, the readers will relay positive feedback by engaging in the discussion and airing their views as well.

Useful Writing Tips for Writing an Introduction Essay

Conceptualize the whole idea even before you begin the writing process. Ask yourself what you need to put in the definition essay, and how you want the message sent. What you will write down in the article will mainly be the solutions to the questions you are seeking answers to. Notably, the definition essay or the introduction plays a significant role in as far as answering the questions is concerned. Given that a thesis statement for a definition essay is part of the introduction paragraph, it also lends an answer to the question; therefore, when writing an introduction essay, do not overlook its role.

How to write introduction for your essay will never be a problem when you have an idea about how you will arrange your points and focus them to the end of articulating your ideas vividly. Decide the effect that you will begin by presenting a broader picture in the reflection of the topic then as you write; you will provide specific information. An example of a more comprehensive statement in an introduction essay that you need to avoid is the “all the elite in the society are the ones oppressing people.”

After you have created your body and the conclusion, try and write the introduction. The reason for doing an introduction essay at this point is that you have acquired some idea that will help you formulate a good definition essay. Still, you can opt to have your introduction tentatively and change it after you have written other parts.

Useful Writing Tips

  • Use examples and instances that are intrigue when creating the thesis statement for a definition essay
  • Use quotations that are related to your topic and are provocative, and they could be from famous people or celebrities.
  • Think of puzzling situations and use the scenario
  • Use anecdotes
  • You can also use rhetorical questions to provoke the thought of a reader

Note that attention to the minor details is very substantial when writing introduction essay, do not ignore some important points that give weight to thesis statement for a definition essay and utilize the useful writing tips to draft and finally write an introduction.

Evaluation of the Definition Essay

Share your idea for the introduction with your peers and seek their honest opinion. If they give you feedback to the effect that you have an opening that connects well with the body and catches their attention, then you are on the right track.

The following are some of the least effective styles of how to write introduction for your essay.

The Placeholder Introduction

Lack of sufficient words or information to put on your introductory section can result in a weak thesis statement for a definition essay or to the article as well. Among the reasons why people write dull essays is the use of unclear sentences with nothing much to tell the readers. Placeholder style is redundant and communicates information with a lot of ambiguity.

An instance of a Placeholder Introduction: oppression of the poor is a bad practice which the oppressors should avoid so that they do not oppress the poor but set them free just as Paulo Freire writes in his book Pedagogy of the oppressed.

Restatement of Questions as Introductions

The style involves repeating a question by asking it again. This is one of the least effective ways of writing a good introduction essay. When a task has been assigned to you, especially an assignment requiring you to provide answers to questions asked, it is only logical to answer the questions but not to start your introduction by restating the same problem. You need to try and be more specific in your approach by providing a response that will glue your reader to the essay.

An instance of a restated question: Pedagogy of the oppressed is a book enlightening the masses about the best flexible ways or relating or the relationship between oppressors and the oppressed in the society.

Suppose the question was:

Pedagogy of the oppressed is a book enlightening the masses about the best flexible ways or relating or the relationship between oppressors and the oppressed in the society, discuss the term praxis in the context of this book.

Dictionary Introduction

Another dull and probably boring type of introduction essay to put to the pen is dictionary introduction. It is one of the usual ways of defining a term and putting it to fit in the opening. The definitions are lifted directly from the dictionaries, and the writer’s interpretation of the subject is not regarded as such. Some terms are defined according to the context, and the dictionaries fail to give them the meaning they deserve, yet one would still go ahead and align his or her work with definitions from the dictionaries. A piece of good advice would be to avoid falling into the temptation of copying denotative meaning of the words but instead applying the connotative ones. This will prove to the readers that the writer is in command of the paper and that he or she knows precisely what he or she is writing about.

An instance of a dictionary definition: the dictionary defines the term praxis as custom or established practice.

The “Dawn of Man” Introduction

Introductions ought to convey precise information, especially the academic ones but not this type of opening. Dawn of man is too wide and fetches almost all the news around the topic, and for that reason, it fails to establish a connection with the thesis statement for a definition essay. Worse yet, the style is full of fluffy words making it uninteresting. You are advised to avoid this kind of introduction if you are doing a college assignment because your professor will not like it.

An instance: Through the history of humankind, not even one person has addressed the problem of racism which has existed for centuries

Book Report Introduction

As one of the commonly used introduction styles, this type of approach offers less information and is considered as boring because it tells readers nothing new. Because of its direct and straightforward arrangement, the style tells about authors name, the book, its place of publication, the years and probably what the book is all about. An example of an introduction of this nature is:

Example: Paulo Fraire in the book Pedagogy of the oppressed which first published in 1968 speaks of the relationship between the elite and the poor in the elite in the society and how they need to strike a balance.


As much as writing an introduction essay is difficult, this article has provided useful writing tips that you can use to have a compelling introduction for the readers and win their attention. Ideally, these useful writing tips, when manipulated, will yield more exceptional writing skills for students. Overthinking will not be necessary with half of the work done for you in. All it takes now is to grab a piece of pap, and a pen then begins the process of creating a definition essay for your readers or as your school assignment. Do not hesitate to consult your friends too because they may help you with even more important ideas for writing introductions.