Military Base Essay

As written in military base essays, some critical information is critical in understanding the purpose, the types, and the reasons for military bases.

A military base is defined as an establishment that is run, owned and manned by the security forces of a nation. The establishment can also harbor, men and women working as soldiers. More so, the facility serves as safe storage for the equipment and weapons used by the military in addition to offering a training ground for the soldiers. Essentially, the base is a central property of the government where its top security secrets and details are hidden.

Contextually speaking, a military base as a term varies in definition greatly. This also extends to the types that are there. What is important to note is that some of the establishments are permanent, whereas others are just temporary. But among the best-known types are the naval and the air bases.

These types of military base contain large armed forces with large supplies for the military for logistical sustainability. It is also important to mention that the only people who are allowed to access these facilities are the military personnel and not the civilians. In as much as there is a complementary role played by the civilian in terms of providing services necessary for the running of the bases, the government and the military vet such people to avoid leakage of the information considered to be of security importance. To gain access to such a facility, an authorization must be given, and the visitor must state the reasons for entering.

Within the military bases are some facilities such as schools, health centers and restaurants which the military use. Such facilities in some countries are open to the general public, especially children who access health services and education within the base. Given that it is a base dedicated for military operations, the center is also essential when it comes to providing housing facilities with water, electricity, and functional network of the sewerage system. Because such a place is considered to be very secure, there are also banking facilities, bars, and recreational facilities such as gyms and so on within the military base.

The military bases are also equipped with facilities such as fields and football pitches where the military train their men to participate in sports and games. As it is known today, the military has played an essential role in shaping society through the services they offer. The integration of the military and the civilian is initiated via the military bases which are well equipped as compared to the centers built outside the military bases. A lot of young people in the society get to learn new skills thanks to the intervention of the military and their bases which have state of the heart equipment and facilities

Types of Military Base

The Airbase

This basically is a department that takes care of the airplanes and aircrafts used by the military during the war. The base is responsible for training solder who guide the warplanes in addition to offering them the technical assistance when there are going about their military services. The airbases are where the war crafts are stored. It is an entire base by itself capable of mounting an operation whenever called upon and when protecting a nation or a country.

The Naval Base

This is another crucial department, also known as the base where all ships and marine-based equipment such as submarines are taken care of. It takes care of the military trained to fight in the seas and oceans. This area or base trains soldiers on how to handle weapons that are more effective on the water. Just like other segmentations, the department that is classified as a naval base is central in protecting the borders of their respective countries.

The United States of America has its military bases abroad, just like the British and other first world countries. This is meant to take care of their interest abroad by neutralizing imminent threats and also for helping other countries establish their active military. The bases overseas are also crucial when it comes to cutting down the cost of maintaining the operations of the military with the stations based within America, for example, warranting a lot of money to deploy abroad when there is war as compared to the military bases outside the United States of America.

Ownership and Definition According to Military Base Jurisdiction

The military bases are owned by the army men and women, but they are state properties in the sense that the service men and women within such establishments are employed by the government to protect the citizens. A military base can be given a particular name based on its location, state, or country. For example, fort Jefferson is an army base that is in Florida. The establishment of military bases is hinged on the state’s law, and their inhabitants are answerable to such laws whenever they commit an offense.

The composition in terms of the population inhabiting a military base varies with some having up to ten thousand men and women while others are having a minimal number of soldiers. Mostly, the bases within their native countries are large enough as compared to those abroad. The variations could be a factor of operational costs. The naming of the military base does not necessarily depend on the territory give that some are located outside their original countries just as earlier indicated.

The Naming of the Military Bases

Military bases are named differently depending on some of the activities each base undertakes and secondly the specialization plays a significant role.

Listed below are some of the possible or best-known names that have been adopted by various countries to name their military bases:

  • Nay station
  • Military Garrison
  • Military armory
  • Military combat unit
  • Military barracks
  • The combat output
  • Department of defense
  • Military casern
  • The arsenal unit
  • Military training facility
  • The general service unit
  • The martial combat station
  • The fire brigade
  • The military installation
  • Forward group of the military
  • Naval, joint bases
  • Army base
  • The airbase
  • Naval ship station
  • The magazine base
  • The central army base
  • Soldiers’ camp
  • The marine base
  • Forward operating base
  • The MOB
  • The FSB
  • The military reserve base
  • The outpost camp
  • Military operations base
  • The military command base

Military Bases Abroad

It is almost difficult to imagine the reason informing the establishment of bases in foreign countries by the United States of American government. There are indeed a lot of American owned military bases in so many countries in the world, implying that a lot of budgets is allocated for their operation. What is important, however, is to understand why and what role they play. It is estimated that the US has almost one thousand bases in the world, with over a thousand men and women on average.

Among the reasons for having the bases is that it makes it easier for the US to deploy soldiers when they are faced with a crisis or war-related situation. Of course, there has been a concern that the bases are also used for spying into other countries perceived to be the US arch rivals. It is costly just as earlier stated to deploy soldiers to far flanged countries. Considering that the fighter jets need to be fueled and it is almost difficult to do so while they are on air, the military bases serve an important role as fueling stations for the jets thus making it easier to utilize the planes effectively.

In as much as the military bases are used for military-related purposes, there has been an outcry that some stations such as the Cuban have been used to handle the perceived enemies brutally. They have been used as detention camps where people get tortured and mishandled by the military as they try to break them so that they can tell of some of the information the military is seeking. Interestingly, the bases are also established within the hostile countries, and this has been blamed for the rise of terrorism and terror groups. The US government has its bases in Africa, Southern America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

How We Get to Appreciate the Role of Military Bases

Research: this is the process of trying to find out the critical information that is needed to inform the understanding of a military base. Research means looking further than what one knows and digging into more details within military base essays. The research materials that can be used include the internet, books, and academic journals that discuss military issues. When doing the research online, it is recommended that an interested person uses the keywords so that they can get the relevant materials that best suit the military base essay.

Categories of Military Bases in Europe

In Europe, the military bases are categorized in the following manner:

  1. Homeland Installations

Also known as the ‘hub,’ these installations are the headquarters and home to joint naval units and the air forces.

  1. Military Stations

Among the reasons for this category is that they are central in enabling the homeland installation to go about their activities effectively and they are established in Djibouti, the Island of Ascension and Akrotiri. They serve as outlets for distributing military equipment as well as landing points for the Jets.

  1. Forward Presence Bases

This is the station for the military based overseas, and it serves to aid in military supplies. They can be foreign-hosted or locally established. The local based ones are considered to be permanent and are central to maintaining sovereignty in the overseas territory. It is also an important arm when it comes to territorial control.

The Importance of Military Bases

Time and again, nations have tried to leave a mark by showing how powerful they are and the length they are willing to go in terms of taking care of their interest. Military bases abroad are a testament to just how the quest for power can be demonstrated. Lately, there has been a concerted war to tame the rising terrorism and to neutralize any threat posed by radicalized groups.

The importance of military bases is that they help a country create sort of a relationship between the host nation and the one whose soldiers reside in. Also, going by the fact that most military bases are based in hostile countries, the bases are essential in gathering substantial military information to neutralize the threat. For adaptability reasons, soldiers are sent to other countries to master the terrain and adapt to the weather such that in case of a war, they find it easier to cope with the situation.

Military bases are also important when it comes to cultural adaptability and conformity with the Geneva Conventions on handling war. It is possible to appreciate the culture of the residents only when you live with them and understand how they handle certain things. Military bases are used as strategic points for the soldiers to live with the rest of the citizen and understand them.

Military bases are also crucial for carrying out joint military operations, especially where countries have come together to fight a common enemy.


Military bases are establishments where the military operations are carried out, and they serve a very critical role when it comes to training the forces. Countries like the United States of America have established permanent military bases in other countries and temporary ones as well. The bases are also found in countries experiencing war whereby they are temporally set to accommodate the forces and as bases for the military operation. In the bases, the military is also able to keep its military fatigue, their equipment, and their relevant documents.

Notably, some bases have also been used to protect those seeking asylum or war victims. The function of military bases is, however, not entirely positive as some have been used to torture captives. Notably, not so many countries can have as many military bases as possible given the cost of running them. Some states will opt to set them up to send a message that they have a military presence and are ready for war in case of provocation.