Research Paper Introduction Example

“Research papers.” What usually comes to your mind when you hear these words; never-ending piles of articles, encyclopedias and books, chasing other people’s ideas? Whatever the image your mind is creating, they are all envisioning a myriad of sources of information; encyclopedias, books, works of art you name it.

Research papers are more than just a compilation of your information sources on a given topic and more than reviews of different kinds of literature. Research papers go-ahead to analyze different perspectives and argues ideas and points. At the end of it, the writer should be able to bring out their viewpoint back up with enough evidence from various sources be it primary or secondary.

Your research paper’s discipline might be highly rated but despite this, you’re still supposed to follow some set rules to draft good beginnings that match what’s expected of a research paper introduction. There are a few process involved, including;

  • Topic selection
  • Create a thesis statement
  • A thorough research that involves the latest resources available

There are online samples with research paper introduction example you could also check out.

Topic Selection

No hurries, ensure that you come up with the best choice.

Once options have been well sieved, go ahead and now come up with the best fit topic the whole project will run on then begin the procedure of researching and analyzing information. A few situations, most writers find themselves adjusting the title while in the act of drafting the research paper. Happens every time and shouldn’t be of great concern to you leave alone distracting a writer from the process of exploration. Most times writers find themselves jumping between titles until they finally decide one title which suits the process. Titles you’re well versed in are usually the ultimate choice, for such situations, you’ll already be having some overview or shallow information on the topic that you just need to top up. Time will be spared that would have been wasted in trying to figure out details what the subject is all about. Such a time can be used to focus on other important aspects pertaining to the research paper like drafting the other parts of the text. Here is a quick way to guide you in making a topic selection;

  1. Go for trending topics on the internet
  2. Ask your friends and family to give some ideas on which topics to go for
  3. Evaluate the topics and make a choice that will provide you with an easy run
  4. Avoid unreliable sources

After the whole process of deciding your topic, go ahead and defend it.

Carefully Analyze The Assignment

It doesn’t matter whether the research paper given to you as an assignment is from your professor or math teacher. Even better, the assignment paper most times has guidelines on what is expected of the research paper’s final copy together with its requirements. All these preparations function to make things easier leave alone creating some form of uniformity.

Look Out for the Core of the Subject

Let’s take a case example of someone writing on ocean tides and their effects. Indeed, you can go far beyond and cover this topic in more than 300-page writing, but what if you’re assignment requires you to come up with a 15-page research paper. You’ll just have to narrow down to specificity to beat this. Being more specific is your way out. For instance;

  1. Which ocean tides are usually the strongest?
  2. What causes the ocean tides?
  3. In what waters do we find the strongest and weakest ocean tides?
  4. Which ocean tides are safe to surf on?

With this kind of approach, one can come up with targeted research that will even ease the whole process?

Researching and Analyzing

Look out for resources.

In relation to your subject, the writer ought to defend his/her claims with tangible evidence. For instance, let’s look at a History paper. The immediate information sources should be things like great books on wars, archived information and maybe political quotes during some of the life-changing events in history if by chance they exist and use them to support your thesis. For disciplines based on science, writers end up conducting various experiments and use to results from the experiment to draft a paper. For the most part, information for various disciplines is available almost everywhere and more so the internet.

While doing your research don’t forget note taking, it is essential. Note taking keeps the writer involved and later on can be used to draft outlines that assist with time management.

Always confirm whether the sources are reliable before writing them down. Go for valid sources and keep off non-credible sites. These common mistakes can be avoided by asking you this;

  • If all the citations and quotes are accurate?
  • Are your referred sources credible?
  • Are the drafting and instructor requirements in correspondence with each other?

Writing the Research Paper Introduction

Begin by first drafting an outline. This can help in organizing your thoughts together in a logical manner before going ahead to write. Furthermore, when finish drafting your outline, it becomes easy for you to prioritize your writing and identify what should come first. You could use the internet and such for an example of introduction in a research paper for clues on what’s expected.

  1. Formulate a Thesis

This forms the conclusion of the research paper introduction. It functions as a summary that forms the bridge between the research paper introduction paragraph and the other parts of the text. The statement supports all the ideas you’ve come up with and brings out clearly the writer’s stand on the given issue. These statements go far ahead and clarify the logic behind your ideas in conjunction with the argument you’re posing.

For situations where the issue is too complex, a thesis makes it clear to the audience what is going on in the paper. The tone of your paper is set by the thesis. The thesis is usually concise, involves your audience, and brings out clearly the importance of your work.

Here are thesis statements for an example of introduction in research paper;

  1. A statement on vaccination

“Due to children not being able to be vaccinated based on their illness, it should be recommended that all the healthy population of children is vaccinated to realize herd immunity.”

  1. Cyberbullying

“More and more teens are now using social media and smartphones; this has caused a rise in cyberbullying. Research has it that cyberbullying puts teens through a lot of stress and can cause depression, anxiety and even worse contribute to suicidal thoughts. This is a clarion call for parents to put restrictions on smartphones usage by teens at home, monitor their online activities and report to the authorities instances of cyberbullying to help combat this mess.”

One thing about thesis statements is that at some point in your conversation you will have to defend them. Don’t live open sentences but rather make your stand come out clearly. Come up with something debatable and not general truths. The thesis statements shouldn’t be too objective.

  1. Hook Sentences

While writing your research paper introduction paragraph, mention your hypothesis then finish it by mentioning a hook statement just so to capture the reader’s attention. Hook sentences are attention magnets in every aspect as they should be engaging and interesting. The sentence should be as intriguing as possible. Examples of hook sentences can be an anecdote/joke, metaphor or maybe a quote from a famous person.

For an excellent hook sentence, you ought to have a clear understanding of discipline you’re researching on and know your audience well. Check out this research paper introduction paragraph sample with hook sentences;

“Achievements in the business sector are never made single-handedly; it requires a multidisciplinary involvement to succeed.”

-Steve Jobs

The wisdom this guy was blessed with had no doubts. Such beings are highly regarded in society. It is, therefore, a good idea that when writing technology or business research papers use such quotes.

You could as well go ahead and use your favorite philosophical quote. This can make a good hook in many research paper disciplines.

Research Paper Introduction Paragraph Sample

Capture and intrigue your audience with such a great introduction of research paper example that will keep them hooked through the whole text.

“Just a few of the sections of the Pan-African movement today are so outspoken in the society to extent racism is now an issue in the modern society.”

Such particular sentences are hooking as they intrigue the reader. Using such structures is a clear indication that the writer promises to tell us something unique and special. The racism concept now forms our basis of interest.”


The moment a writer begins to draft a paper, be keen on the impression, that being the introduction. The introduction provides a clear road map for the whole text as it states the background of your study, goals together with the supposition. It guides the writer in drafting the whole text. Practice while looking through samples on the introduction of research paper example online to understand more.

Are you a good research paper introduction writer? Kindly share some of the tips that have worked for you.