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Writing a good speech does not just happen. The writer will need to work on their grammar, prose, vocabulary and even the length of it. Many are the times that accomplished public speakers seek the services of expert speech writers. This is because they know what exactly a good speechwriter can help them achieve.

You can be invited to make a speech at a prom party, wedding, funeral, end-of-year party or a fundraising ceremony. There is basically no single place that one can safely say that they will never be required to talk in front of a dozen people. The one trick that always wins the day is preparedness. A person who spends time preparing themselves will always find it easier to deliver a good speech. Great speeches are made by those who take time to prepare the words that they are going to say and how they are going to speak them.

What are the basics of a good speech – How to get the best speech?

  • Have the main ideas highlighted. This will help you to avoid overcrowding it. As studies have shown, the audience often remembers little about the whole speech. A writer should, therefore, highlight one or two main points.
  • Use more emphatic words and phrases which the audience can relate to. Instead of ‘sports’ say ‘basketball’ if you are talking about general sports in a school.
  • Always research and get all your facts right. There is nothing more embarrassing that writing a speech and delivering it only to realize that some of the points were cooked. The audience will also not rate you as highly even if you made them laugh.
  • Make sure you have simplified it. Written speech often sounds great, especially when read silently. Persuasive speech writing means that you have to simplify all your points to a level that the audience will grasp what you are saying at once.
  • Write it as though you were talking. More often than not, you will find that prominent speakers write just as they talk. They don’t change tact when it is time to make an effective speech. The speechwriter should very well reflect the personality of the person who is supposed to read that whole paper in front of the audience.

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